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Spring 2016


I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and formally welcome you to another year with MASHMM, which is a Diamond Chapter of AHRMM. I have been a member of MASHMM for the last four years and now it is my honor to be President of this esteemed chapter. At this time I would like to take a moment and thank Nicole Mazzei-Williams and the rest of the MASHMM Board for their tireless efforts in keeping this chapter functioning at such a high level. My sincerest hope that we can continue the success we have enjoyed for years to come.

I did want to tell you a few reasons why I decided to join MASHMM and continued to be a member. First of all, the advocacy of Healthcare Supply Chain Profession is very important to me in my professional growth. I know that you do not gain more acumen into your profession without getting to know your colleagues and understand the invaluable insight that they bring to the table. Also, I believe that the Education courses offered (including CMRP training) at the quarterly meetings as well as through ARHMM have been phenomenal. But most of all, the networking opportunities that I have enjoyed with you, my fellow colleagues, has been like no other.

I thank you for being a member of our distinguished chapter or for reaching out to become a member. If you have any interest whatsoever in becoming a member of MASHMM, a Board Committee member, or just have any general questions, please feel free to contact me at any time via email at

Christopher Holmes
MASHMM President

AHRMM Diamond Chapter 2014


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